Tom Hemp’s x Hotpod Yoga Berlin CBD FLOW: Holiday feeling

An article by Elisa Schmidt

Tom Hemp’s x Hotpod Yoga Berlin CBD FLOW: Holiday feeling

We’ve waited long enough, and it’s finally here: it’s summer at last! And that means it’s time for a new summer edition of CBD Yoga. Tom Hemp’s x Hotpod Yoga Berlin is going into its fourth round under the theme of “holiday feeling.”

This special Yoga CBD Flow Event will be streamed live from Mallorca straight to your home. And we’ve got no less than three special guests joining us! Kaya Renz, Adidas athlete and YouTube creator will be joined by our body oils The Body Oil Orange and The Body Oil Ylang Ylang. A perfect combination, we think.


Body Oil with Hemp seed Oil for your Summer

Sun protection is really important – but so is sunlight. The sun’s rays activate the production of vitamin D, a vital life support for the human body, which can sometimes be restricted by the use of SPF lotions. What’s important is to only expose yourself to as much sun as your skin can handle. And you can use a natural sun protector to support your body – without chemicals. And that’s where our Body Oils come into play!


Natural sun protection with hemp seed oil

The best thing about hemp seed oil in the summer is that the hemp seed oil reflects a portion of the UV-rays, without hindering the important creation of vitamin D. Vitamin D is important for bone growth and for many of the body’s organ systems, such as the immune system. The hemp plant is able to create its own UV-ray-protection, which also gives its extract the ability to work as natural sun protection. This means natural oils can be a great alternative to low SPF products – especially for insensitive skin that’s already tanned, or for short durations in the sun.


Hemp seed oil helps generate summer skin

Aside from their natural ability to protect from UV rays, hemp seed oils protect and nourish the skin, and help it to regenerate from sun damage. The oil also has natural antibacterial properties, helps with cell regeneration and works as a miracle cure for dry skin. That’s a lot of benefits for a single body oil – and not just for you, but for the environment too.

This epic combination makes The Body Oil Ylang Ylang and The Body Oil your best buds for the summer, and the perfect choice for activities in the great outdoors.


The Body Oil Ylang Ylang

Summer, sun, palm trees, beach… the scent of the beautiful ylang ylang flower, that originates in the Philippines and in Indonesia, immediately transports us to a tropical paradise. Or maybe a Spanish finca? The Body Oil Ylang Ylang by Tom Hemp’s has a calming and relaxing effect, bringing you into a sensual zone. Body and spirit are brought into unison, and the CBD oil is the perfect icing on the cake for your yoga practice. Through its focus on hydration, vitamins E and A and essential fatty acids, the oil creates long-term care and health for your skin, and the perfect summer glow on top.


The Body Oil Orange

 The Body Oil Orange has stimulating citrus essential oils and gives you all the energy you need for a summer’s day! The CBD Oil supports your skin beyond just the surface – it gives you healthy, glowing skin from the inside out. A detox for your skin! The fresh scent will boost your mood and releases those happy hormones, making your Yoga Flow and even better experience.

Together with the scents of orange or ylang ylang, join Kaya on 24 June at 7pm, and imagine yourself right there with her at the pool of a gorgeous house in the backcountry of Mallorca. Kaya will lead you through an energized Cardio Class, and Melissa will take over with a perfect yoga session to stretch and relax afterwards. Be there for the ultimate CBD Flow Holiday Feeling!


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