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Your top 5 summer reads

Your top 5 summer reads

Today is a good day. The Berlin senate has finally announced that as of Friday 4th of June, Berliners can be their old selves again and spontaneously have coffee, lunch or whatever they want on a terrace (without a test)! Yup, the wait has been long.

So we thought it would be cool to add a few summer reads to your newfound freedom. As you know, at Tom Hemp’s, we pride ourselves on giving our delightful clients as much information as we can regarding CBD. CBD is our mission, don’t ever forget that. 

It is now past due that we share our favorite CBD books with you. If you are curious about CBD and want to know everything about it, what better way to learn and read on a beautiful terrace this summer or at the park, or by a lake, or, if you are lucky, at the beach!


For beginners: 

CBD: What You Need to Know by Gregory L. Smith MD 

Is super simple to read and great for those new to CBD. The book helps the reader obtain a solid understanding of all the illnesses CBD can treat



Another excellent book for beginners. It deconstructs the evidence for CBD’s usefulness in various medical conditions. It goes over the benefits and downsides of multiple delivery systems in great depth. It also discusses methods for determining the best dose.


For those who want to take it a step further:

CBD: A Patient’s Guide to Medicinal Cannabis – Healing without the High by Leonard Leinlow and Juliana Birnbaum.

Both patients and caregivers are advised to use it. Backed up by scientific evidence and anecdotal reports that are well-balanced. It provides information on the various ways to take CBD and is jam-packed with research and references (tinctures, extracts, capsules, etc.) It also includes advice on dosages for multiple conditions and interviews with doctors who prescribe CBD to their patients.


For those who do not want to leave their favorite pals out:

Cannabis and CBD Science for Dogs: Natural Supplements to Support Healthy Living and Graceful Aging by Dr. Caroline Coile, Ph.D. 

The author holds a PhD in psychology, has written 34 books about dogs and has no interest in pseudoscience. Initially skeptical about the efficacy of medical cannabis and CBD, she found that “the more I immersed myself in the subject, the more I realized that this was not a fringe esoteric science at all, but a solid area of research.” She is absolutely compelling, and her somewhat absurd approach is as refreshing as it is persuasive. As a bonus, all proceeds from sales go to benefit animal shelters.


For the German natives:

Cannabidiol (CBD): Ein cannabishaltiges Compendium by Dr. Franjo Grotenhermen, Markus Berger and Kathrin Gebhardt

This book results from a collaboration between Dr. Franjo Grotenherman, physician and author, Markus Berger, a drug researcher and Kathrin Gebhardt, professional baker. It deals with cannabidiol in-depth, and its scientific presentation remains accessible. There is also information on terpenes and THC, which any good book on the subject should include, given the increasingly recognized importance of the entourage effect. Once again, the conditions that can be alleviated with CBD and a fantastic section of CBD vegan recipes!

We believe this is enough to begin with; but, the list of CBD books is extensive, and we may publish follow-up posts with fresh releases. These, on the other hand, will keep you busy this summer. If you have any recommendations of works that you loved, do drop them in the comments’ area.




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