Diversified CBD: How terpenes determine aroma and effect

The world of CBD knows many technical terms. One of them: terpene. But what is it actually? And is it really necessary in your CBD product? We at Tom Hemp’s say yes and explain why. What are terpenes and what is their function? Terpenes are a natural component of many plants. They are aromatic hydrocarbon [...]
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Tisch mit verschiedenen CBD Produkten von oben.

The entourage effect

The entourage effect – The positive effect of terpenes The fact that cannabidiol is highly effective is probably something you’ve heard before. The same goes for the numerous reports of people testifying how it helped them when classic medicine wasn’t able to. Yet, we’re convinced that you don’t know everything yet, so we came up [...]
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Your top 5 summer reads

Your top 5 summer reads Today is a good day. The Berlin senate has finally announced that as of Friday 4th of June, Berliners can be their old selves again and spontaneously have coffee, lunch or whatever they want on a terrace (without a test)! Yup, the wait has been long. So we thought it [...]
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