It is time to look back . . . and forward. The sound of 2021.

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A short review of the year 2021


While we were eagerly awaiting the turn of the year 2020, full of hope for a bit of a return to the “normality” so defined, we were to learn once again that the only thing we could be certain about was uncertainty.

Because even after almost two years, everyday life would continue to be marked by Corona rules, travel restrictions and lockdowns. Challenges like none of us had known before. But all this time was also meant to ensure that we could take something away from the dreary happenings around us and tirelessly not let a day go by where we didn’t continue to devote ourselves fully to our mission: CBD… but above all, to make it yours too.

So even if it was hard to believe, we look back full of euphoria on a year in which our greatest thanks go to our Tom Hemp’s family and our customers. Because who are we even without you? Together we lived through another year and even though we don’t like to talk about time too much: God, she ran!

But let’s start at the beginning. It was the year in which the QR code celebrated its comeback. We can be nothing but grateful that our industry is one of those that got unfiltered attention alongside it.  Not surprisingly, the positive effect of CBD on mental and physical well-being should no longer be a secret. Hooray to this!

In addition to 18 states in the USA, Canada, Uruguay and most recently Malta are now among the countries where cannabis has been legalized. And Germany? Here, too, we could soon have something to celebrate, as all three parties of the new traffic light government approved the necessary draft of the law that will push the legalisation process forward.

Yes, there was still the election. We also found ourselves in the midst of watching TV duels and hot debates, but that’s how it should be in such a democracy. What fascinated us more than the discussion about green, red or black was the opening of our new flagship store in Barcelona in July 2021. After Mallorca in the summer of 2020, we are now also to be found on the Spanish mainland.

At the same time, we have expanded our product range in the beauty sector and created a new bestseller: Tom Hemp’s The Lubricant. CBD is a total game changer for your sex life! Its antimicrobial properties make it especially gentle and great for keeping infections at bay – but applying CBD directly to the genital area, it is also said to give longer lasting pleasure. So here is the lubricant gel that delivers what it promises – Relax for better sex.

Looking back, there’s no getting around our Bike Delivery that moved around the clock. Instead of coming to us, we’re coming to you. Don’t get us wrong, we’re always happy to see you in one of our two shops in our mother city Berlin, but if there’s no time for that, we’ll take it and make our way to you.

Environmentally friendly, without getting stuck in traffic or missing the parcel service. Orders placed by 4 o’clock in the afternoon are delivered the same day and no matter what you have chosen, Tom Hemp’s food products, sprays or merchandise: we leave the waiting to others.  

And because we appreciate life in the fast lane, we also made our shop mobile in the middle of the year. To make our selection of food and lifestyle products available at events and markets, we have sent CBD bikes on the trail. So watch out. It could be that your CBD shop has just parked in front of your door.  

Creating high quality products to have a positive impact on your lifestyle . . and to make this possible beyond the borders of Germany, our franchise family has grown with the first partner in Lugo (Italy) in September. Since December, we have been in Prague, also mobile with three CBD bikes. The newest member to the family is to be found in Napoli, Italy..

But there’s one thing we still have to talk about, let’s talk about last year. The winner. Its name: online retail. Click and Buy. Ciao. There was no way around it for us either, and we are happy that as a partner of Zalando and Amazon we can grant access to our products throughout Europe. For us, many of these things are still similar to a dream we never even dreamed of.

So what shall we say? The CBD industry continues to grow . . . and we are happy to grow with it. 2021 was significant for the way forward for cannabis and its use. Most important to us are and will always be you. There is nothing left but to say THANK YOU. To our customers, franchisees, partners, friends, employees… You let CBD be our mission, and we thank you for your trust and for continuing to write our story together with us.

We wish you happy holidays and the best start to the new year. Stay healthy . . . and enjoy all that there is to be enjoyed!


Your Tom Hemp’s Family


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