CBD Oil Experiences: Weight Loss Through Cannabidiol

Despite weight loss crazes and their negative connotation, many people are still trying to shift a few extra pounds. Fair enough, when one considers that in Germany, 24% of the population are considered to be overweight. And although we at Tom Hemp’s are for self love and against body shaming, we do recognise that sometimes losing weight for health or to feel good is important.

The number above is the proof of a society that’s more and more oriented towards comfort and couch potato lifestyles. But we want to make it clear again: we support all types of bodies, and this article is in no way an encouragement for dieting. Because as we all know by now: everybody is a beach body and should be respected, whether it’s size XS or XL.

We should really be calling to arms against the ridiculous battle to achieve a Photoshop figure, instead of against our own bodies. We’re writing this article to explain how CBD effects our bodies, and how it can be used to help people who are looking to lose weight. Because at the end of the day, everyone deserves to feel good in their body.

With the weight, they feel good with. The market is flooded with chemical concoctions that promise people the world. But if people want to lose weight, they should do it naturally. With CBD.

The state of affairs

Is it even possible to lose weight with the help of CBD? Let’s start off with some general facts. From a medical point of view, a BMI (Body Mass Index) that’s higher than 24,9 is an indication of being overweight. This in itself isn’t bad at all, since a little more weight doesn’t mean a person is unhealthy.

Things start to become more dangerous when the BMI rises to a rate of over 30. In this case we’re not talking about a few extra pounds but obesity — an illness that needs to be taken seriously. No matter whether someone wants to lose weight for personal or medical reasons, we can all agree that this should happen as quickly and easily as possible.

No one wants to force themselves through a complicated diet for ages, constantly restrict themselves and feel inhibited in their life. Because that’s not worth it in the end, either. Can CBD help manage the way to losing weight in a more balanced way?

CBD oil for weight loss — it’s all about facts, baby

Cannabis, or rather the substance THC, is more known for creating an appetite than curbing it. So it’s good that CBD shares the root plant with THC, but doesn’t have a psychedelic or appetite increasing effect. CBD or cannabidiol is made from industrial hemp and only contains a minimal amount of THC (<0,2%).

In medical fields, CBD has proven itself as very useful, especially against muscle contractions and migraines. But CBD to help lose weight? Peeps, hold my beer, it’s time to spill the beans! Our research has shown that CBD isn’t the worst idea when it comes to promoting weight loss. And here’s Doc Hemp’s to explain how the whole thing works:

Firstly though: of course CBD Oil is no replacement for a balanced and varied diet. But on the road to losing a few pounds, the substance could be a good help.

  1. Bad fat cells are turned into good fat cells

    The body has two different types of fat cells, of which the white fat cells are the less good ones. They often gather in the stomach region and create a bigger tummy. Brown fat cells on the other hand help to regulate the body’s temperature.

    CBD works on the endocannabinoid system, which is part of the nervous system, and can help support the body in turning white fat cells into brown fat cells. Sounds pretty nice, even through after the transformation no change will be visible. The brown fat cells make up around one percent of our body — which means the success of using CBD for weight loss is relatively small here.

  2. Cravings are stopped

    A BMI of over 30 can be part of an addiction for some people. Just like with other additions such as alcohol, cigarettes or narcotics, addicts might use food to vent. CBD works on the body’s own endocannabinoid system, as we mentioned above, and can have a positive effect on the user’s psyche.

    If a person feels balanced and under less stress, their cortisol levels (the stress hormone) will be regulated, too. So people who tend towards feeling stressed and overeat as a result could be helped by taking CBD to lose weight. Aside from the fact that feeling good and experiencing less stress is good for you anyway. Especially considering the pressure to perform we’re all under today.

  3. Reducing proteins and fats

    CBD contains many different stimulants that encourage cells to reduce proteins and fats in the body. Additionally, CBD can boost the metabolism, which helps natural fat burning. Together with plenty of exercise, CBD has great properties to support the body during weight loss.

    Another side effect is that the fat cell renewal can be slowed down thanks to CBD. So taking CBD as part of a healthy diet makes sense during a diet. Cannabidiol can even curb the appetite and reduce cravings for junk food that way.

    Nonetheless, you shouldn’t expect wonders from taking CBD oil because the human body is a complex machine: if it’s not moved enough, the metabolism falls asleep and not enough calories are burned. That’s how extra energy is added to the body as fat. Of course, there are also many metabolic illnesses that can lead to obesity. These should be treated with medicine, not CBD.

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So what’s the essential takeaway from all this information? CBD can indeed help promote weight loss! People who are healthy, fit and eat a balanced diet, move a lot and use CBD oil as a supplement on their weight loss journey can achieve results this way and feel better while they’re at it. #moodboost

Like with so many things, finding a balanced middle path is the key to success. Nobody is perfect, but it’s pretty exhausting to chance after ideals and lose your lust for life in the process. This makes our motto even more pertinent: Enjoy your life — none of us are getting out of this alive! 😉

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