CBD Concentration

CBD’s effect on increasing concentration: the stigma that’s breaking healing agent’s stride

Lacking focus to complete everyday chores, that little bit of motivation for work, shopping, exercise and household duties that just isn’t there – we all know what these phases can feel like. Many people are trying to battle their low spirits for these reasons. Medication, teas, meditation or mindfulness exercises promise relief. But the real reason for this lack in concentration goes deeper.

A good night’s sleep is essential for performance – and ongoing stress can significantly reduce quality of sleep. The result: many millions of people in Germany alone suffer from sleep disturbances. But there is help for this. Unfortunately, it’s often surrounded by prejudice, which contradict the studies that have proven that Cannabidiol can have a positive effect on users’ quality of sleep. The healing agent simply can’t seem to shake these clinging stigmas.


Cannabidiol and his psychotropic brother THC

THC as well as CBD are based in the cannabis plant. However, that’s pretty much the end of similarities both compounds have in common. Psychoactive THC distorts the user’s concentration and impedes them. The compound reacts to CB-1 receptors, which are connected to mood and motivation.

Seen from its chemical requirements, the non-psychoactive compound CBD isn’t capable of influencing the human body in this way, since it cannot connect with CB-1 receptors. Nonetheless, CBD is associated with an intoxicating effect again and again. Surprising when one considers that the WHO stated in 2018 after extensive study that CBD “shows no signs of a potential misuse or addictive qualities.” Therefore, Cannabidiol does not negatively affect our mental capabilities. Could the ingredient even increase our concentration?


Lack of concentration: often tied to deeper causes

Push notifications on devices, a radio or the loud office – we are surrounded by threats to our focus. The simplest way seems to be to remove these possible distractions. But if even once the phone and radio are off and the office is quiet our concentration still is elusive, external factors aren’t the cause. Instead, a constant stress level is to blame for our incapacity to deal with a host of tasks in everyday life.

Studies have shown that lack of sleep leads to the decrease of our cognitive capabilities. To sustainably increase our concentration, we should address the root cause of the problem. But not by using substances that make people addicted. In Germany, several millions of people are addicted to pills – which is rarely discussed publicly, as insomnia is most often treated temporarily with medication. Solutions that are created to be high in return and profit for large companies, but often have to be counter-therapised after regular use.


More concentration and focus with the effect of CBD

People who want to address the root cause of concentration problems naturally can try out several options. A tea with lavender, St. John’s Wort or valerian root has been a household remedy for insomnia and inner turmoil for decades. People who want to try CBD can find all information about CBD dosage and suitable products in our shop. Studies have not been able to prove a direct influence of Cannabidiol on contraction, but increased sleep quality and stress reduction have been proven repeatedly.

Both of these factors have an essential impact on our capacity for concentration and were shown to be hugely relevant in previous studies. But despite its positive effects, the extract from the hemp plant is still often associated with an addictive intoxicant.

Most recently, a study showed that Cannabidiol has a positive effect on driving behavior. In a group of 26 test people, one group was given THC, another CBD and a third a placebo. By reading their SDLP score (how often and intensely their direction of driving is changed) researchers could deduct that the group of CBD consumers had the best scores.

Society has been manipulated with wrong facts and misinformation for decades. On the path to changing CBD’s image, there is still a lot of work to do. For this reason, further studies around CBD are important, to make clear the effect of the once disreputable pot-smoker-plant to a healing agent for a wide variety of uses.

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