About CBD and sexuality

Can CBD influence our sex life and if so how? 

Ah, l’amour… The most beautiful thing in the world really is special, isn’t it. That said, the most beautiful thing is the world is different for each of us: a great meal with even better wine or a good conversation are of course important too. But let’s cut to the chase and say what we mean here. Like the title says, we’re talking about one thing: and that’s sex.

Good sex and a healthy sex life can put a spring in our step, provide vitality, some very pleasant hours in the bedroom, and exciting stories to giggle about with our friends. The first two points are certainly true for CBD as well, which leads us to the question: why not combine the two? We already learned in math class as kids that two pluses make a plus…

Some say CBD has no effect on sex

It’s an exciting topic, for sure, and one that’s barely been discussed in public. This is where things get steamy, friends. A writing colleague started a survey amongst his Instagram followers and was quite surprised by the result, he says. Over 70% of people said that CBD has no influence on their sex lives.

Maybe he hadn’t been very clear and people didn’t understand his question properly? Or do people really not fully grasp the benefits of CBD and still think that CBD and sex is like David and Goliath? Because the fact of the matter is: CBD and sex belong together like ketchup and mayo.

Let’s talk about sex, baby!

An open attitude towards sexuality is the key to everything that will follow. So let’s start with the basics and answer the question: why CBD and sex? Many people are happy by themselves, with their parter or with a few adventures here and there. Do men and women need an extra cherry on top of the cake when they’re already happy with what they’ve got?

Oh yes, honey. We’ll get to that. Just like there are happy and fulfilled people out there, there are those who are feeling stuck in their relationships. And that can happen more quickly than one might think. For example, if we want to focus on ourselves after a strenuous time with someone and have completely forgotten our sexuality in the process.

If we have a hard time opening up because we’re too afraid. When we’re stuck in a relationship where the fire has long gone out. Maybe we’re physically exhausted, are stressed out, work is making everything a hassle, and so on and so forth. There are so many physical and psychological reasons for things not to work as well as we’d wish in the bedroom.

And this can lead to people feeling unfulfilled, which can having a dampening effect on their self-esteem. Some people can downright start to panic when they start thinking about having sex with someone. Especially when we’re caught in a romantic moment, these feelings can be pretty overwhelming.

Anxiety, physical insecurities or doubts can quickly turn these moments into an uncomfortable situation, and ruin our enjoyment of sex. When it’s really supposed to be about relaxation and/or ecstasy, which our little friend CBD can lend a helping hand with. Because CBD can help us reach this state in a natural way.

CBD and sexuality – but how?

Let’s start with some good news: no side effects are currently known, merely a few interactions with other medications. Although it seems harmless, taking CBD for an improved sexual function in combination with other treatments should be discussed with a doctor first.

The Journal of Sexual Medicine published a study in 2019 that measured the endocannabinoid values of healthy male and female test persons during and after masturbation that resulted in orgasm. Endocannabinoids are the cannabinoids that are created by our own bodies.

Interestingly, the study found an increase in the endocannabinoid 2-AG (2-Arachidonoylglycerol) in the test persons after orgasm. This lead to the conclusion that the endocannabinoid system has an effect on human sexual reactions. With the restriction though that a wider scientific study is necessary, to determine which role 2-AG actually plays, when it’s produced as part of sexual pleasure.

This process might be boosted through cannabinoids such as CBD oil, CBD lubricant or as a CBD preparation, and help the users replicate this chemical “reward” themselves.

Good to know: which sexual problems can CBD help with?

Here are a few examples of physical constraints that CBD can help with to promote a boosting of sexual performance.

  • CBD against pain
    For many people, pain is the reason they lose the mood for sex – understandably. The temptation is strong to reach for over the counter pain medications that promise instant relief. But unfortunately, many painkillers have a bunch of side effects, that can also play out on the libido. A lot of research has now recommended using CBD for chronic pain. And thanks to its safe use, you don’t need to worry about CBD having any side effects on your sex life, either.
  • Infections
    Cannabidiol has an infection-reducing potential that lowers inflammation. Many people who deal with pain also have blood circulation issues, which can lead to erectile dysfunction in men, or no erection in the first place. Thanks to its remarkable therapeutic capacities, Cannabidiol can reduce pain and inflammation, which can be the cause of erectile dysfunction.
  • Erectile dysfunction
    Erectile disfunction is a sexual disorder that affects millions of men. Women can suffer from it too. The fear of failing sexually is a central part of this condition. This is where CBD can be a therapeutic element. Through its stress and anxiety reducing properties and relaxing effect, CBD can take away these worries and lead to a more relaxed experience.

Of course, there is a certain “risk” that after consuming CBD products, consumers might feel so relaxed that they’re simply too tired for sexual activity. Here it’s best to apply trial and error: if your eyes start to get tired and heavy, try reducing the dose for the next time, to find a better dosage and find your energy for the bedroom again.

Because we all want to enjoy the most beautiful thing in the world as mindfully and consciously as we can – to make memories and collect great moments, for us and our libido. #Iwannasexyouup. And here you can read more about CBD lubricant!

Photo: Vera Lair / Stocksy

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