CBD as pain treatment?

Cannabidiol as an alternative for chronic pain

Whether we suffer from a headache, a cough, a sniffle, period pain or chronic back pain – the first thing that usually comes to mind are pharmaceuticals. Their side effects, not so much, though. We simply trust the professional behind the counter that whatever they’re selling us is safe for use and helps mitigate our pain.

Thanks to modern medicine, this is mostly true: we have vaccines for deadly viruses, a common cold or flu is not a death sentence anymore, and we’re able to treat pain in any instance. In addition to these medical wonders, there is also a vast variety of natural medicines to be found, and the demand for those are growing.

One thing scientists have learned from conducting extensive medical research is that natural remedies should not be underestimated. Especially, CBD has shown itself to be some sort of miracle weapon for our health. Why that is and how CBD oil can even help with chronic pain, we will investigate in the following article.

Reality check – a lot of us are in pain

We have already talked about a lot of situations in which CBD can be used for pain management. We’re not only saying that because we are big fans of CBD; no, science is on our side: cannabis has a high tolerance, which makes it such a popular alternative to pharmaceuticals. Because the struggle is real: about 14 million people in Germany suffer from persisting pain. 600,000 – 800,000 of those people suffer from chronic pain that is hard to treat.

Many of these chronic pains or diseases are civilization diseases. We all probably know at least one person with one of them – back aches, migraine, cancer or endometriosis. With migraine patients often going through an ordeal of pain until they discover the potential positive and pain relieving effects of CBD oil. If you want to know more about how CBD may help with some of these, check out or recent articles on them.

Living with chronic pain is more than unpleasant – your day-to-day life is so impaired, that the simplest tasks feel unmanageable, and, obviously, your mood can be impacted by this as well. It is no wonder then that use of painkillers has been multiplying. Especially, opiates are often prescribed as an effective drug to treat pain. However, in the long run, their effect on our body can be harmful.

CBD oil for pain 
So, what can you do when you’re suffering from prolonged or chronic pain and strong pharmaceuticals are no alternative? Doctors often advise going with a multimodal therapy. This kind of therapy combines different therapeutic forms to treat chronic pain. CBD has long been a star in this field: cannabidiol has an impact on the endocannabinoid system, which in turn regulates our sensation of pain and prevents inflammations. Taking CBD oil can have an effect on multiple processes in the human organism, such as:

  • the perception of pain
  • the emergence of fear
  • the mood
  • the need for rest and sleep
  • the appetite
  • the performance of the immune system

CBD oil is extracted from the female commercial hemp, researchers have long been pursuing various investigations into what else the extract of the plant can do. The anti-inflammatory, relaxing and antispasmodic effects have been proven to be real helpers with migraine, headaches, backaches, arthritis, period pains and fibromyalgia.

The latter is a serious condition with a wide range of attendant symptoms, such as muscle stiffness and increased sensitivity to pain. About 2% of the German population and 5% of the UK population suffer from this illness, with women being diagnosed more typically than men.

Furthermore, they also include illnesses that can partially or even completely force employees out of their working life. Rheumatic complaints, as well as arteriosclerosis or multiple sclerosis, are often going hand in hand with severe pain.

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In practice: cannabidiol for pain

To completely understand how CBD helps our bodies, you may want to read our article on the endocannabinoid system. In it, we talk about the history of research as well as its mechanism. Once you’re familiar with the basics and want to use CBD oil to treat your chronic pain, you can start thinking about the right dose.

CBD oil is the simplest form of CBD to use, especially if you’re planning on using it permanently. You can just put a few drops a day underneath your tongue and that’s it! Another major advantage is that you can higher or lower your dose according to what fits you best. This is why starting with a low dose is the best way to go: more is always an option.

For light to medium pain, the recommendation is starting with 2×3 drops of 5-10% CBD oil a day, with an increase to 5×3 being possible, if needed. For strong pain, the recommendation goes 2×4 drops of 10% CBD oil, an increase to 3×5 drops should only be considered after three weeks.

There are almost no known side effects, since cannabidiol is very tolerable, compared to conventional pharmaceuticals. However, that doesn’t mean there are no side effects at all – if you don’t feel well after using CBD oil, you should definitely adjust your dose. In case of strong side effects, you should not use it at all, and instead get in touch with your general practitioner.

Cannabidiol is massively increasing its reputation in pain therapy. And not just in alternative medicine, practitioners have long recognized the potential benefits of the hemp plant in pain therapy. CBD oil is used in areas where conventional medicine is reaching its limits, as it does in palliative medicine and in treatment of people with incurable or chronic diseases.

And then there is the rehabilitation process as well. An area where CBD is also playing an increasing role. The positive benefits can be seen in different diseases.

In principle, there is a strong possibility that CBD products could be included in the traditional pain treatment as accompanying therapy. On one hand, to avoid the harmful effects of common drugs – and on the other hand, to also take advantage of the positive effects of CBD on your own well-being.

Photo: Romina Farías / Unsplash

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