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CBD & Sports: a great combo!

An article by Mounia Mosso

CBD & Sports: a great combo!


Is it possible to combine CBD with sports?

CBD has become one of the drugs allowed in sports since 2018, including during tournaments. As a result, an increasing number of athletes are turning to cannabidiol to help them increase their performance and recover more quickly after exercise. Thus, using cannabidiol to improve their performance and to recover more easily after exercise.


Is it legal to use CBD in sports?

On January 1, 2018, WADA, the World Anti-Doping Agency, withdrew CBD from the list of forbidden products in sports competition. It’s vital to remember that cannabidiol is the only cannabinoid affected, not other cannabinoids. THC use, in particular, is still banned. This chemical is still included on the list of prohibited doping compounds used in anti-doping tests.

Sportsmen and women who want to reap the full benefits of CBD should choose for CBD full spectrum with no traces of THC or CBD isolate. The removal of cannabidiol from the list of banned substances in sports is a recognition of the advantages that CBD products can provide in both amateur and professional sports. 


Are you preparing for a strong sports workout or competition? 

CBD can improve your performance. First and foremost, it focuses on the mental side of things, which is crucial, especially if you’re involved in high-level sports. Cannabidiol, such as CBD oil in sublingual form, is taken before a competition to boost concentration. It allows you to clear your mind, so you can concentrate on the approaching sporting event.

It also alleviates the tension and stress that can arise in a high-level athlete when key deadlines approach.

Before a sporting event, CBD provides an energy boost without the negative side effects of traditional stimulants (coffee, etc.), such as increased anxiousness. Finally, CBD encourages you to push yourself to improve your sports performance by assisting you in better managing pain.

When the human body is subjected to significant efforts over a long length of time or over a short period of time, it is much appreciated. CBD is commonly utilized in endurance sports or by athletes who are required to train vigorously over short periods of time.


CBD can help you recover faster after a workout

Sports enthusiasts value cannabidiol just as much before as after an effort. Its qualities are quite beneficial in aiding recovery after a difficult athletic exercise. CBD is first and foremost a potent anti-inflammatory that acts on the muscles and helps to shorten the time it takes for them to recuperate.

You can minimize the time between two training sessions or two tournaments by recovering faster. It also works as a myorelaxant to relieve cramps and aches.

After a sporting activity, cannabidiol can be applied locally. A massage with CBD oil or a CBD cream applied to painful muscles can provide immediate relief. Cannabidiol is finally an ally of choice to reduce pain and accelerate healing when the intensity of a sport effort has resulted in muscle injuries.

It’s no surprise, however, that CBD has been adopted by many athletes who have discovered in it a natural, side-effect-free way to increase their performance.


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